Ian Werkheiser

Philosopher and Writer


This page has (some of) Ian Werkheiser’s academic and non-academic writing. For more academic publications, visit his CV page.



Ian Werkheiser and Zachary Piso. 2017. Food Justice in US and Global Contexts: Bringing Theory and Practice Together Part of The International Library of Environmental, Agricultural and Food Ethics (LEAF) book series for Springer Publishing.


2017. Livestock Participating in Their Own Welfare: The Risks and Promise of Precision Livestock Farming. Eursafe News 19(1): 6-9.
Samantha Noll, Ian Werkheiser. 2017. Local Food Movements: Differing Conceptions of Food, People, and Change. in Anne Barnhill, Tyler Doggett, and Mark Budolfson (eds.) Oxford Handbook of Food Ethics. Oxford, United Kingdom: Oxford University Press.
2016. Individual and Community Identity in Food Sovereignty in Mary Rawlinson (ed.) Handbook of Food Ethics. New York, NY: Routledge Press.
2016. Developing Community Epistemic Capacities Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective. 5(2): 97-101.
Zachary Piso, Ian Werkheiser, Samantha Noll, Christina Leshko. 2016.Sustainability of What? Recognizing the Diverse Values that Sustainable Agriculture Works to Sustain. Environmental Values. 25(2): 195-214.
2015. Community Epistemic Capacities. Social Epistemology. 30(1): 25-44.
2015. Ian Werkheiser, Zachary Piso. People Work to Sustain Systems: A Framework for Understanding Sustainability. Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management. 141(12).
2015. Ian Werkheiser, Shakara Tyler, and Paul B. Thompson. Food Sovereignty: Two Conceptions of Food Justice in Jill Dieterle (ed.) Just Food: Philosophy, Justice and Food. London, United Kingdom: Rowman & Littlefield International.
2014. Food Sovereignty, Health Sovereignty, and Self-Organized Community Viability. Interdisciplinary Environmental Review. 15(2/3): 134-146.
2014. Ian Werkheiser, Samantha Noll. From Food Justice to a Tool of the Status Quo: Three Sub-movements Within Local Food. Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics. 27(2): 201-210.
2014. Asking for Reasons as a Weapon: Epistemic Justification and the Loss of Knowledge. Journal of Cognition and Neuroethics. 2(1): 173-190.
2013. Domination and Consumption: an Examination of Veganism, Anarchism, and Ecofeminism. Journal of Existential and Phenomenological Theory and Culture. 8: 2. pp. 135-160.
2013. Dan Beck, Mladjo Ivanovic, Ian Werkheiser, and Samantha Noll. The Ethics of Consuming: Community, Agency, and Participation in Global Food Systems. in The Ethics of Consumption: the Citizen, the Market, and the Law, Helena Röcklinsberg, Per Sandin (eds.) Wageningen, Sweden: Wageningen Academic Publishers. pp. 437-447.



Inaugural Symposium on Land Use and Ethics. MSU Environmental Science & Policy Program
Killer Coke. Z Magazine
The Draft. Swans Commentary


Variations. Asimov’s Science Fiction
The President. Swans Commentary


Eight Hours. Left Hook Magazine*

*Note: Left Hook is now defunct, so I’m hosting things from there on my site. Ah, the perils of publishing in online venues.


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